The Berkeley Review's Home Study Program

Study for the MCAT at home with support from The Berkley Review.


The home study program follows along our traditional course schedule without the lectures or office hours. The goal is to complete weekly assignments from TBR's written materials to stay on track for your MCAT date.


There are no scheduled classes or recorded lectures with the home study program. This program is meant for students who are self motivated learners that can excel without the traditional lecture-based learning offered from our LIVE course.


The course includes:
-TBR's full set of MCAT Review books.
-All 5 of TBR's Full Length Practice CBT's.
-Weekly assignment schedule and supplemental readings.


There are no set office hours included with the home study program. Each cohort is assigned one of our instructors who will serve as a point of contact for any technical or logistical questions related to your MCAT studies and assignment schedule.


Progress is tracked individually and will depend greatly on completion of weekly assignments. Practice exam scores are recorded and will serve as the ultimate predictor of exam preparedness. We encourage you to reach out to the assigned instructor to check your progress.


The average MCAT scores of students in The Berkeley Review stand well above the national average. The biggest driver of our students success is completion the weekly assignments from our full set of review books and completion of our full length practice exams.

Home-Study Program Description

About the program

The program is designed to review all the material on the MCAT from a pragmatic perspective. Harder subjects are covered in more detail across multiple chapters. Not only will you learn the fundamental scientific principles necessary for the MCAT, but you will explore how to approach questions using advanced, MCAT specific, test taking strategies that are required for a top score. Between the assigned readings, assigned problem sets, quizzes, and full length tests, our students should be prepared for a rigorous self study regiment and always ask for help when needed! 

Program Topics


Home-Study Program Dates and Pricing.

2023 Programs

Start Dates:

1) January 8th
2) February 10th
3) May 26th
4) June 11th
5) September 16th
6) October 10th

Target MCAT Dates:

1) March, April, May
2) April, May, June
3) July, August, September
4) August, September
5) January, March
6) January, March



2024 MCATs

Start Date:

May 26th

June 11th

September 16th

October 10th

Target MCAT:

July, August, September

August, September

January, March

January, March



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Program Includes


Frequently Asked Questions

The Berkeley Review’s home study program is a schedule that follows the readings, assignments, and full length test schedule that our lecture based program follows. The goal is for you to complete weekly assignments from our full set of review books as such that you will be ready to take the MCAT in ~3 months. 

The home-study program is $495.00. This covers the cost of our Full 10-book MCAT review set, as well as access to our 5-Full Length practice exams. The full 10-book set will be shipped to your address provided. Practice exams will be activated one month into the program and will expire after the last MCAT of each calendar year. 

The home-study program is intended for people to study on their own using TBR’s developed written material. There are no lectures associated with the home study program. There are no scheduled office hours in the home-study program. However, you will be assigned to one of our instructors who can help answer any technical or logistical questions you might have as you complete the assigned readings, practice passages, or if you have any other general MCAT related questions. 

You are encouraged to reach out to your assigned instructor to check on your study progress. While you will be in the driver’s seat for your MCAT review, we encourage you to ask us for help if you are stuck or need direction. Students usually study at slightly different paces and many begin to deviate from the assignment schedule as the program goes on. If you are falling behind on the assignments list, then you should reach out and ask for guidance.

We encourage our students to implement other material during their MCAT studies. However, the market is currently saturated with various MCAT resources, and it can be hard to acertain the most effective combination. It is our STRONG opinion that besides the AAMC Official MCAT Practice Exams, the single most important resource to complete is TBR’s full set of review books. We do however advise students to incorporate certain other supplemental study resources that our students have found beneficial over the years. Some resources are much better than others. 

As a part of the home-study program we will try to connect you with other students in your cohort so you can form a virtual study group. Study groups that have formed in the past have proven to be an excellent way for our students to seek help and stay motivated.  Having us connect you with other students is optional and at your discretion. 

Eventually, but not until you have taken the MCAT and succeeded. 

We do not offer a score guarantee as a part of the home-study program as we believe score guarantees are a form of cheap marketing that The Berkeley Review elects not to participate in. We have found the MCAT is a fair standardized test –  high scores are achieved by the students who have taken the appropriate coursework and reviewed the appropriate material (in excess) leading up to their MCAT date. Historically, students who have gotten through the majority of our materials have done very well on their exam. If you want to know more about MCAT scores, then we encourage you to reach out to one of our instructors or coordinators. 

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