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Our classes are designed to keep students on a disciplined study regiment with a comprehensive review of all MCAT subjects. We take pride in helping students achieve their maximum score and have instructors who have been doing so since 1992.


The core of our teachers are full-time instructors with our company who have been teaching MCAT subjects for over 20 years. Most are either professional teachers, have a Ph.D., have a M.D., or are candidates for their Ph.D., or M.D. Our instructors generally specialize in one or two subjects.


Classes are maxed out around 40 students, generally are two hours in length, and a week of instruction consists of four or five classes. For particularly difficult concepts, we offer supplemental lectures that present the material and ideas from an even more fundamental perspective.


The course includes: 1) TBR's full set of MCAT Review books, 2) additional individual MCAT-style passages are presented each class and answered under timed conditions, 3) Two sectional exams will be taken in-class, and 4) the course includes all 4 of TBR's Full Length Practice CBT's.


Office hours are posted during the first two weeks of class and updated on a regular basis. Over the course of the program, we offer approximately 300-400 office hours (depending on course location), and they are held in either small group settings or in a one-on-one setting with the instructor.


We try to provide a minimum of 50 two-hour lectures: ten lectures in biology, ten in general chemistry, ten in physics, seven in organic chemistry, six in reasoning skills, four in psychology and sociology, and three additional supplementary lectures, for a total of 100 in-class lecture hours.


The average MCAT scores of students in The Berkeley Review stand well above the national average. We work with each of our students to ensure they have the opportunity to achieve their maximum score. Our curriculum is designed to raise your score on all sections of the MCAT.

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Course Schedules and Prices

Class Times:

Spring Session: Closed/ Cancelled

Spring Class Times:

Session:Start date:End date:Day:Time:
IJanuary 8thApril 8thM,T,W,Th,Sa,SuTBD
IIJanuary 8thApril 8thM,T,W,Th,Sa,SuTBD

Note: All times are posted in Pacific Time (PT). View Class Details & Schedule.

Summer 2021 Class Sessions:

Session: Start date: End date: Schedule: Price:
Session I May 23rd August 1st 3pm – 5pm $1,995
Session II June 13th August 19th 9am – 11am $1,995
Session III June 13th August 19th 12pm – 2pm $1,995
Session IV June 12th August 19th 3pm – 5pm $1,995
Note: All class times are posted in Pacific Time. Schedule subject to change.

Fall Class Times:

Session:Start date:End date:Day:Time:
IOctober 2ndDecember 16thM, W, Th, Sa, Su

M/W/Th 2:00-4:00pm PT

Sa/Su 9:00-11:00am PT

IIOctober 9thDecember 23rdM, W, Th, Sa, SuM/W/Th 5:00-7:00pm PT
Sa/Su 12:00-2:00pm PT

Note: All Times Posted in Pacific Time. Schedule Subject to Change.

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2022 Spring MCAT Course Schedule

Program Dates:

Spring Class Times:

Session: Start date: End date: Day: Time:
I January 8th April 8th M,T,W,Th,Sa,Su Self-Paced
II February 10th April 20th M,T,W,Th,Sa,Su Self-Paced

Note: All times are posted in Pacific Time (PT). View Class Details & Schedule.

Spring Class Times:
Session: Start date: End date: Day: Time:
I May 26th August 10th M,T,W,Th,Sa,Su Self-Paced
II June 16th August 20th M,T,W,Th,Sa,Su Self-Paced
Note: All times are posted in Pacific Time (PT). View Class Details & Schedule.

Spring Class Times:

Session:Start date:End date:Day:Time:
ISeptember  16thDecember 10thM,T,W,Th,Sa,SuSelf-Paced
IIOctober 10thDecember 20thM,T,W,Th,Sa,SuSelf-Paced

Note: All times are posted in Pacific Time (PT). View Class Details & Schedule.

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Course Description

About the course

The course is designed to review all the material on the MCAT from a pragmatic perspective. Harder subjects are covered in more detail across multiple lectures. Not only will you learn the fundamental scientific principles necessary for the MCAT, but you will explore how to best approach questions using advanced, MCAT specific, test taking strategies that are required for a top score. Between the lectures, assigned reading, assigned problem sets, quizzes, office hours, and full length tests, we want our students to fully commit to the course and make sure to always ask for help when needed! 

Lecture Topics

  • Biochemistry
  • Molecular Cell Biology
  • Physiology
  • General Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (CARS)

Course Includes

  • 50 Live Lectures Minimum (approx. 100+ hours)
  • 10 Review Prep Books
  • 5 Full Length Practice Exams
  • 6,000+ Practice Questions
  • 750+ Passages
  • 40 Sectional Exams
  • Make Up Lectures (alternate sessions)
  • Lecture Summaries
  • Post-Class Supplementary Readings
  • Class Portal
  • Access to the TBR Study Forum
  • Post Course Review Sessions
  • 200+ Office Hours
  • 1-on-1 Check-In
  • Personal Statement and Interview Workshop
  • Best MCAT Instructors (100+ years of combined experience)

How can we offer so much?

We are a small business made up of academics who have loved what we do for over 30 years. We have prioritized our students, our study material, and have kept our class sizes small and focused. Our goal is to help you get into a top medical school. If you want to know more about your instructors or the rest of our team we encourage you to contact us and say hello. 


Frequently Asked Questions

There is no difference besides a physical location. The core group of teachers and curriculum is the same. The in-person course (post-COVID) will be a great place to regain that person-to-person contact and traditional classroom learning style. The added bonus of the in-person classroom is access to the learning center for any late night study-holics. The downside to the in-person course is you will pay a slightly higher tuition (rent isn’t free) and will have some sort of commute to the center.

Eventually, but not until you have taken the MCAT and succeeded. 

Talk to one of our coordinators for more information on score guarantees.

Let the course coordinator know and feel free to attend the same lecture being offered at an alternate class time.

Payment plans are available upon request. You will need to contact an administrator and set up a payment schedule. Please call (510) 631-0663. Please note the course price is fixed and late payments are subject to late payment penalties. 


Current Class Schedules

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