The Berkeley Review

The Berkeley Review is California’s leading MCAT preparation program. Each year we help over a thousand students prepare for this challenging rite of passage in their quest to become a doctor.

Since The Berkeley Review was founded in 1992 it has become a MCAT preparation staple. The Berkeley Review’s goal is for its students to score in the top percentiles of the MCAT. TBR’s curriculum has been developed to give its students a much more in depth understanding of the material tested on the MCAT – one of the reasons our students consistantly report high scores.  In addition to our in-depth review material, each practice passage and corresponding question written by The Berkeley Review has seen several iterations of careful research, testing, and editing in order to provide students with the hardest, fully encompassing, and most MCAT similar style questions. And above all, we care about about the quality of the information we present. Our team of developers and instructors consists of Academics, Medical Doctors, Biochemists, Chemists, Physicists, Linguists, Psychologists, and Teachers by Training.

You can get in touch with us at The Berkeley Review by either filling out this Contact Form – or you can call or email us directly. 
Phone: (510)843-8378